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 Golf Lessons

"My teaching philosophy is simple, start off with the right tools to do the job and you will be successful.  You wouldn't build a house without the proper equipment and training would you?  Golf is no different; make sure you have the proper tools and training at the beginning of each golf season." 

 Private Golf Lessons

It has been my experience over the years that golfers are most comfortable and prefer individual lessons.  This season I am offering one hour sessions for $75.00.

Golf lessons include a review of your golf swing, instruction on the elements of a golf swing and any adjustments needed to correct a missing element.  

Some clients prefer to concentrate on specific issues with their golf swing such as their drive, irons or short game.  Each session is tailored to your game. 

Remember this is your Private Golf lesson!

**Prices vary based on location**

The 'Par 3' Package

Back again for this season is my 'Par 3' golf package.  The reason this package is popular with golfers is because it offers a complete review and instruction of your golf game. 

The 3 lessons consist of:

• Golf swing evaluation and element instruction with irons (1st lesson)
• Driver and review of the golf swing elements (2nd lesson)
• Evaluation and instruction for your Short Game - chipping, pitching and putting (3rd lesson)

The 'Par 3' Package is priced at $195.00
**Bunker or Sand lessons can be substituted for one of these 3 or booked separately**

**Prices vary based on location**

Group Lessons

I will tailor the lesson for your group.  I have worked with Corporate clients (see my Corp. Branding page for more details), business and sales groups of all skill levels.  If you would like to organize a group of golfers to improve your golf swing for an upcoming tournament or simply a social event, contact me to discuss your group event!  email or phone 506-232-0728

**Prices are based on number of golfers and event location**

Prior to registration, it is the responsibility of the client  to obtain permission from the golf course for lessons with