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PrivateGolfPro is your ultimate guide to unlocking the perfect golf swing.

Whether you're just starting out or seeking to refine your skills, our tailored instruction caters to golfers of all levels. Dive into lessons designed for enthusiasts who thrive in the great outdoors and relish every moment on the range.

Welcome to PrivateGolfPro, where passion meets expertise to transform your game.
As a dedicated certified golf instructor (CGTF & USGTF) with over 15 years of teaching experience, I'm committed to unlocking the potential of golfers at every level.
Whether you're just starting out or aiming to refine your skills, I provide personalized guidance tailored to your needs.
Together, we'll navigate the intricacies of the game, making learning both enjoyable and fulfilling.
Embark on this journey with PrivateGolfPro and elevate your golfing experience to new heights. 
Let's hit the course and watch your game soar!
Step onto the green with Lisa Elle, your trusted Certified Golf Professional and the driving force behind PrivateGolfPro.ca since 2009. With a passion for the game that runs as deep as a perfect putt, I've crafted personalized golf lesson programs and unforgettable events for players of every level, from corporate execs to budding young golfers and seasoned adults.
But my love for golf doesn't stop at the course. I'm also a seasoned writer, penning the popular Business of Golf column for six thrilling seasons in the Times & Transcript newspaper under the pseudonym Lisa Elle.
My expertise doesn't just live on the page, though—I've been teeing up transformative lessons as an independent golf instructor in Dieppe and Bouctouche since 2012.
Join me on this journey where every swing is a story and every lesson a chance to unlock your true potential on the fairway.
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Golf Lessons
  • Private Lesson Cost: $99.00 (one-hour lesson)
  • The 'Par 3' Package Cost: $285.00
    Embark on your golfing journey with our comprehensive lesson package, tailored to sharpen every aspect of your game. Over the course of three dynamic sessions, you'll unlock the secrets to mastering each essential element:
    1. The Iron Curtain Opener: Dive deep into your swing mechanics with a thorough evaluation and targeted instruction focusing on iron play. Lay the groundwork for success as we refine your technique and enhance your accuracy. (1st lesson)
    2. Unleash the Power of the Tee: Harness the full potential of your driver as we dissect your swing mechanics and fine-tune your long game. With personalized feedback and expert guidance, you'll learn to command the fairway with confidence and precision.       (2nd lesson)
    3. Mastering the Green Game: Elevate your short game to new heights with a comprehensive evaluation and hands-on instruction covering chipping, pitching, and putting. From delicate finesse shots to clutch putts, you'll develop the skills needed to navigate any green with finesse and flair. (3rd lesson)
    4. With each lesson building upon the last, you'll emerge ready to tackle the course with newfound skill and strategy.
  • The 'Par 3' for 2 - Experience the 'Dynamic Duo' Package - Ideal for couples or friends eager to learn side by side.
    Priced at just $275 per person, it's the smart and affordable choice for enhancing your game together.
Lessons take place at Bouctouche Golf.


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