Lisa’s Golf TOURNAMENT Services
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The ‘Meet the Pro’ initiative is to engage Lisa to offer her ‘Pro Tips’ to all golfers taking part in your tournament. Lisa is present for the entire event to provide proven instructions on the use of your driver and the achievable distance.

Lisa has a proven record for improving golf swings either through individual lessons or golf clinics. She will answer any questions your golfers may ask and when required she will accumulate ballots to win a prize.


Lisa offers golf clinics for any group size at any golf club (subject to suitable arrangements). Her instructions are well received emphasized by her proven abilities to bring enjoyment within the game we love. She will show you how to improve your stroke and not have one. 

Everyone will get the best golf lessons and make a golf outing much more exciting. Leave your PGA card at home and let Lisa teach the game as it should be enjoyed.

(The price is determined based on the group size – the group size usually should not exceed 18 golfers)


The ‘Pro Tips’ initiative means to engage Lisa to offer her certified instructions to all golfers choosing to use a driving range facility prior to taking part in your tournament.

For a full hour preceding your ‘shot gun’ start on the day of your tournament, Lisa would be instructing from this facility. Many golfers who participate in tournaments are occasional golfers. Her instructions are always well received by these players who may not have a regular access to such expertise.

Lisa will help bring more enjoyment to these and avid golfers alike.